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Chicks With Disks

Those »free« give-away CDs that come with your favourite music magazine are forever lost in time. You listen to them once or twice, and then they’re filed away under »various artists« (C’mon, you don’t throw them away, do you?!). Who digs them out after a few years? Who buys these when they’re up for grabs in Music & Record Exchange?

Well, we do. We meet at tea time, someone brings a bottle, another made some cookies, and then we listen to one of these strange compilations that came with Songlines, Uncut, MusikExpress, The Wire or Spex. First up is this:

Wire Estonian

Estonian Music Now 2011 (compiled by the Estonian Ministry Of Culture, and given away with an issue of The Wire in 2011)

1. Galina Grigorjeva: There Is A Time For Autumn
Ominous bells and vibes start this piece for six percussionists. Rumbling drums and marimba create a free form soundscape…

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