When a Muslim Girl Goes Retro

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When a Muslim girl goes Retro

As one of my last posts was on the heavy side, and really forced me to contemplate an issue that is ugly and dark, I thought maybe I would lighten the mood with today’s offering. It’s not deep. And it won’t appeal to most who stumble across it. But that’s okay. I am writing it for the one person who may enjoy it… she knows who she is…

Back in the day (as in twenty years ago) I collected vintage clothing. And by vintage, I don’t mean 70’s bell bottoms. I mean true vintage, 1930s and 1940s dresses, skirts, suits and accessories. Through the years, most of these items have been lost, given away or otherwise no longer in my charge, though I still have a large vintage and antique purse collection. I deeply miss my clothes. As self centered and ridiculous as it…

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Über fatimaxberg

Ich lebe, arbeite und vergnüge mich in Berlin. Ich mag Hijab und Jeans, enge Korsetts und weite Röcke, High Heels und Sneakers, und verbringe eine Menge Zeit damit, mich an- und auszuziehen.

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