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The Headscarf (again)

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Listen to the EXBERLINER at this point:

German Feminists and the Headscarf


She’s certainly on my christmas card list from now on.

Fatima’s reading!

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Fatima’s reading!

I must admit I’ve had my problems lately with EXBERLINER magazine – what started as a nicely ironic fanzine for English-speaking Berliners is nowadays filled with more and more smug articles along the lines of »Look how weird life is in Germany«, decorated with their omnipresent Third Reich references (they even had a few Hitler jokes in a recent column about yet another lame shopping mall in the city).

But the new issue, focussing on »The Many Faces Of Islam In Berlin«, is an entertaining read from cover to cover. Covering politics, lifestyle, religion and much more, this is the EX-B at its best, reporting and illustrating what’s going on, with a fresh look at details and an eye for the curious and often strange reality. Burqini shopping advice? Check. Drunk hippie punks in a mosque? Check. Gangsta Jihadists? Check. Muslim chick lit? Check. Especially good: the article on „Holy Hijab – To Cover Or Not To Cover“. A quote from one of the Muslimas interviewed, „I’ll wear it now precisely because you don’t want me to.“

Their sex-advice column is utter nonsense though; but anyway, maybe I should pay more attention to the mag again. And I bet you can still do the „Exberliner Drinking Game“(*)

Fatima Berliner

By the way, apropos wearing the hijab, here’s a brilliant (and funny) list of reasons why. Thank you, ahdmshaker!

(*) When I worked at the Design Agency their Ad people sometimes used to do this: drink a shot of Tequila for every Nazi joke or reference in the EXBERLINER – you sure feel rather tipsy by the time you reached the last page. 😉